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Original Post: While putting together the next version of my. Original Post: While putting together the next version of my personal z project, many of the components from here forward will be custom built on my Z and then offered as production products.

Some of the stuff might fall a little towards the wild side as this car is no longer my daily driver.

Nissan 370Z Twin Turbo - 950BHP - GTR Killer? Stillen-AAM Tuned 700WHP

However, most of the items produced will take into consideration that people might wish to apply these items to their own custom projects. We also recently acquired a mostly stock z into the family, and will be able to use it to make sure some of the items will fit any level of z project.

One of the first items planned for release will be our turbo manifolds. The z forced induction market is already blessed with some high quality and appropriately priced options for complete turbo kits and even turn-key tuned packages. So we are taking a different approach, and one that I feel is more appropriate for a smaller and growing company. I have always wanted a set of thick-wall stainless tubular side-mount turbo manifolds for the VQ, and now I have them.

It is no wonder that they have never been produced before So this wasn't too easy. But the result we have here is a pair of GTXR's with Garrett 4" inlet T04E anti-surge compressor covers fitting with no chassis pounding or modification.

GTR Exhaust manifold

A custom CJM driver-side motor mount bracket and altered heater pipe is required and will be provided. At this time it is unknown if the motor mount bracket will be required for smaller turbos, we have only test fit the one turbo size so far. It was our primary goal to make sure that enough turbo for major horsepower could be fit since we believe the customers who will be attracted to this type of product will most often be those who are chasing earth shattering record breaking power.

But that isnt to say that we will not be test fitting smaller turbos for stock engine horsepower levels.

CJM Turbo Manifolds, VQ37VHR

The manifolds are constructed to use Tials Stainless V-Band housings for external wastegates. The wastegate outlets are not pictured on the manifolds at this time because we are not finalized on the wastegate location just yet. Once the downpipe jigs are constructed we will finalize the wastegates. These manifolds will be sold as a standalone product for DIY fabricators who wish to build their own turbo system or for shops that would like to fabricate a custom turbo system without having to tackle the manifolds themselves.

Then, finally, an intercooler and piping kit will be released. I have machined custom stainless flanges for these manifolds.

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Within the flanges is a machined transition from the port shape to the runner diameters. This will significantly reduce the amount or necessity of hand-porting. Just a little cleanup with a drum and a real nice transition remains.

For an interesting comparison, here are the new manifold prototypes next to my old Greddy manifolds. For those wondering, even though the turbo locations appear similar, they are not compatible replacements.

One thing that is interesting is that our manifolds are still lighter weight, although its not a fair comparison there until we have our wastegate outlets on the manifolds. While the photos shown above are the prototypes going on my own car, the first production set has begun and the runners have been slightly adjusted to further optimize flow. Right now the construction output on these will be slow and steady and picking up pace as supplies come in.

I need to machine more flanges and we need more of our cast stainless collectors to come in. This post will likely be updated as details are ironed out. Otherwise I will post up as details arrive.

I will use this thread when the time comes to share the complimenting turbo system components. Thanks for looking!! First customer set under construction:. Last edited by phunk; at PM.Hello, Sign In! Your Andy's account is now active and you're logged in.

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370z turbo manifold

Not able to find what you are looking for? Most turbo-equipped vehicles are also quieter due to the turbo itself acting as a sort of muffler. Boost can become an addiction. If you have ridden in a car with a turbocharger then you have probably felt the incredible surge of power as the motor comes into the boost range.

Csr2 special offers

The result is a large increase in intake pressure and more power when additional fuel is also introduced into the combustion chamber.

The turbocharger is essentially a compressor that is driven by engine exhaust. The exhaust spins an impeller with a turbine on the end that compresses air into the intake manifold generating boost. This design is extremely popular on modern vehicles, but its history goes all the way back to when a Swiss inventor patented the first turbocharger.

In the early years turbos were popular on aircraft engine because they helped negate some of the power loss form operating at altitude. Today they are used in numerous applications from drag racing to long haul trucking. These little power boosters have really proven their worth.

Q: How do you install a turbo kit? A: Turbochargers should be installed by professionals if you have no experience with turbo installations. If you've done the basic bolt-on performance modifications to your car intake, header, exhaust and know your way around your engine, then you might be capable of doing the install yourself.

Normal installation depending on the vehicle takes around hours in most cases, but depends on whether custom work needs to be done. The turbo manifold that comes with the kit replaces the factory exhaust manifold. The turbo doesn't replace anything assuming this is a turbo kit and not a turbo upgrade kit.

The turbo is mounted to a flange on the turbo manifold. Remember the turbo is spooled by the exhaust gases, so once the gases pass through the turbo manifold, it spools the turbo. Q: Is there a pre-condition my vehicle needs to meet in order to be able to handle a turbo kit? A: Any vehicle can be turbocharged but you must consider whether all of the engine, driveline, and chassis parts can handle big power increases. Most aftermarket turbocharger kits for naturally aspirated cars recommend running no more than psi to prevent engine damage.

Q: What do turbo kits come with? A: Complete turbo kits normally include the manifold, turbocharger, intake, down pipe, fuel management unit and all lines and hoses needed. You need to purchase intercoolers, piping, blow-off valves separately in most cases, unless otherwise noted in our product descriptions.

Q: What is a turbo kit? Why buy a turbo kit? A: Think of a turbocharger as a fan that is blowing compressed air into your engine. The more air you give your engine, the more power your engine can give you. The extra air adds oxygen so you can burn more fuel. Turbochargers are powered by the exhaust gases generated by your engine after combustion.This upgrade is easy to install and can be swapped out in around half an hour.

It's best to have your car custom dyno tuned to safely maximize the potential of performance modifications and we at Z1 Motorsports tune more VQ37s with the Uprev Osiris software than anyone. However if having your car tuned at Z1 is simply not an option, based on our library of experience, we can provide a map well suited for your specific upgrades through our mail in flash service.

The Z1 intake plenum produces more peak power and area under the curve on a Natural Aspirated VQ37VHR than any intake manifold on the market and for a modest price.

To be verbs list

Included with this plenum is a set of new upper to lower plenum bolts. Use ONLY the supplied bolts with your plenum, using the incorrect bolts will result in damage that is not covered by Z1.

For your convenience we offer the option to ship a modified plenum first if you pay a refundable core charge. Upon the receipt of your core Z1 will inspect and credit you for the return. While these parts are usually in stock this service can be slightly delayed depending on our core inventory and order volume, if you have questions regarding lead times for these parts please give our parts team a call If you return a core please pack it carefully.

If we receive it in damaged condition, such as any broken plastic air inlet nipples, no credit will be given. View our core return form and policy. This item is currently produced per-order and not stocked. An average lead time of approximately weeks should be expected once core is recieved.GTR Exhaust manifold.

It also looks like the bolting is very similar and not sure if anybody has tried it in the Z or Z and whenever it was mentioned before, people just call it stupid. I'm just looking for an education answer why it can't be used. I'm just collecting ideas for my own TT build and would love to save a little here and there. Everything just looks like it's exactly the same on the Z and GTR motors. Here's an example of a Z turbo manifold, which, correct me if I am wrong, but it would bolt up to the Z with no modifications.

Last edited by husam; at PM. Nobody uses them because they dont fit the VQ. But if you want to put in the work to make them fit, you could go that route. In our cars there isn't much room for the turbos.

370z turbo manifold

I would guess that even if they bolted up you wouldn't be able to bolt turbos to the flange. This is just my guess. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. After researching some more, it looks like it could be possible but might have issues with the motor mounts or brackets not clearing the turbos.

Some pictures for reference: looks like the brackets mount exactly at the same location in the block, but the motor mount it self is moved away so the brackets are angled.

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I'm not boosted, but I know Fast Intensions makes some really nice looking manifolds. HK Power in Germany do exactly what you are enquiring about. Originally Posted by rovert. For those of us who hunt deals on used parts, you could go TT for crazy cheap. Budget turbo kits for DIY fabricators has been an option the whole time.

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Weight Reduction. Exhaust Kits. Z1 Clutch Kits. Engine Management. Forced Induction. Z1 Powder Coated Products. More Performance Parts. Clutch and Flywheel. Innovate Motorsports. Shock Absorbers. Suspension Components. Upgrade Kits. Brake Pads. Brake Hardware. Car Cover. Roll Cage.Unlike superchargers that draw power off the crankshaft, turbos utilize the energy from wasted exhaust gases. With the right turbo setup, your z can go from whp to whp and even more. Of course, this can be controlled by setting the boost at your desired limit.

And the best part? Turbo kits are often accused of reducing the reliability of your engine. As long as your turbo kit is installed correctly and paired with the right supporting modifications, you should be in the safe zone. The best thing you can do to improve the reliability of your turbo build is to run it on low boost. The z is a blast to drive even at whp; a hell of a lot more power than stock. Very well actually. This engine can handle numbers like whp even with stock internals. Going beyond that will put some strain on the engine.

Rods and pistons are the best place to start as these two are known to be the weak-link when upgrading to a turbo. Properly built zs can even handle upwards of a whopping whp! Twin turbo kits tend to be more expensive than single turbo kits. Both single and twin turbos have their advantages. Twin turbos spool up much quicker as they use two small turbines instead of just one big turbine.

We love the look of twin turbos on the z. The setup looks very clean and OEM-like.

AAM Competition VQ37 Performance Intake Manifold

Here are the best z twin turbos on the market. AAM Competition makes the best turbo kit for z owners who consider turbo lag as their mortal enemy.I acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to the terms of the Fast Intentions Inc. Purchase Disclaimer. Click here for more details. In when we took on this project, our goals were clear cut.

We are proud to say that we've far exceeded our expectations. Throughout the design process of our TT system, we have adapted and utilized 3D C. These components are instrumental to the fit, function and aesthetics of this system.

These turbine housings are far more efficient, lighter and compact then your traditional turbine housings. Bottom line, the TiAL turbine housing packs a hell of a punch! Our tubular, v-band exhaust manifolds are the most efficient in the industry. In addition to everything stated above, we utilize only top shelf parts.

370z turbo manifold

This entire TT system is manufactured in the U. Welcome visitor you can Create an account or Login. Shopping Cart: 0 item s. FAST Iron Housings. Optional finishes are available. Stainless steel T-Bolt Clamps. Power Steering Cooler relocation kit. Greddy high capacity cast aluminum, baffled Oil Pan. In addition to the high capacity, this oil pan will improve cooling efficiency.


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370z turbo manifold
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